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How and Why to Target Long-Tail Keywords?

Writen by Kinster Global

Date October 10, 2023

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If you have been doing SEO for a long time, you must have noticed the rising prevalence of long-tail keywords. SEO services in Mumbai have started using a long-tail keyword to find more useful low competition high traffic keywords. With the dawn of voice to speech tech people have been using longer and longer keywords to find the results they were looking for. The dawn of voice search has made keywords longer. These keywords usually have a high conversion rate as well. SEO services in Mumbai usually take advantage of this fact and have completely made long-tail keywords a part of their SEO strategy. So how do you target long-tail keywords and why should you do that?

It has become increasingly easy to research and find keywords. The existence of tools that find effective keywords has made it easier for SEO services in Mumbai to find long long-tail keywords that have a high conversion rate and lower competition on it. SEO services in Mumbai use these long-tail keywords to boost your content once they find it using the tools they use for research. It was hard to find long-tail keywords and to research them before the existence of these tools but it is easier now and should become a staple of your SEO strategy.

So what are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are highly targeted and very specific phrases that target exactly what the consumer is looking for. These keywords have very low competition, lower search volume but an extremely high conversion rate. SEO services in Mumbai call these phrases long-tail keywords because if you plot them on search volume these keywords would be at the long tail end of the search volume. This means that not many people are actively looking for the keyword in a month. But because there is so little competition at the tail end of the spectrum they are easy to be ranked and because these keywords are so specific it usually leads to higher conversion rates.

The long-tail keywords are generally more specific and people have clear intent behind buying the product. For example, rather than the keyword “house”, you could use “2 BHK houses for sale in Colaba”. A user who is searching for houses could be looking for a million things including movies but when the person is looking for the later it is clear that they have intent on buying the house in Colaba. Even though lesser people search for it people are more inclined to look into your website because you targeted that keyword. SEO services in Mumbai use this to have more conversion rates than just idle click through. Fun fact: long-tail keywords have nothing to do with the length of the word; they are usually 2-3 words long.

It also helps you optimize your semantic search. Like we said earlier the times have changed and technology has changed with it. The younger generation is actively using voice to text conversion and search bots to find what they want to. SEO services in Mumbai capitalize on this. The rise of this technology has given rise to more detailed search so for example people that used to search for ‘Chinese food’ now use search bots and search for ‘best Chinese restaurant near me’. This has led to Google and other search engines providing very detailed results to the query. And because it is so specific it has low traffic on the keyword but more often than not you will see conversion.

These keywords are incredibly valuable for a business even though it has lower traffic; the conversion on the keyword makes it incredibly useful for a business to use it. SEO services in Mumbai should let the companies know about what they are doing when they target long-tail keywords.